Supporting resilient systems for food, energy,
water, human health and climate.

Ag Tech

We work with farmers and food systems workers to develop technology that is responsive to the needs of small-holder producers.

Mauricio, a second year student at UC Santa Cruz, demonstrates a weeding system he developed for a micro tractor at CAFF's Small Farm Tech Expo in Fresno, CA

Emerging Strategies

The Emerging Strategies program makes grants in a series of cross-programmatic priority areas and oversees the Foundation’s program evaluation efforts.

UChicago Data Science Institute summer lab students represent the future of community-centered and social impact-minded data science


We support two linked goals: challenging the development of fossil fuels and accelerating transformation towards a clean and equitable energy system.

A man trims a hedge in the shadow of an oil derrick in Los Angeles, Calif. We are working with STAND LA to reduce the more than 900 active oil and gas wells embedded in neighborhoods, parks and commercial districts throughout the city.

Food & Agriculture

We support efforts to build an agricultural system that improves soil, air, water, human and animal health.

National Young Farmers Coalition member Reyna Banteah at Ts’uyya Farm. Surveys show 83% of young farmers see conservation or regeneration as a primary purpose for their farms

Human Rights

We support movements for just and ecologically sound development that promotes human rights, vibrant local economies and dignified livelihoods for all.

A young woman inside the husk of a school destroyed to make way for gold mining in Kintinian, Guinea. We support organizations seeking justice and accountability for industrial mining’s impacts on communities, land and livelihoods.

Minerals and Materials

We support the realization of a climate-beneficial future through initiatives and solutions that prevent and reduce the harms of transition mineral mining, minimize waste, and seed thriving local economies.

A Kayayei, or head porter, carries a second selection of denim through the market at Kantamanto, Ghana. Grantee The Or Foundation is working to catalyze a Justice-Led Circular Economy (image by Joshua Odamtten courtesy of The Or Foundation)

Impact Investing

We invest in companies and social enterprises tackling the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time.

A fleet of wind and solar-powered drones ready to deploy from Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Our investee Saildrone has technology designed to collect and deliver critical marine data from oceans around the world in real-time.

Indigenous Communities

We support Indigenous-led work that advances Indigenous communities’ and peoples’ self-determination and re-Indigenization.

Indigenous Maskoke residents of Ekvn-Yefolecv gather for ethnobotanical education in a language immersion context, on their traditional homelands they recently reclaimed, 180 years after forced removal. Photo Credit Ekvn-Yefolecv


We fund organizations, initiatives and movements that enable access and support for youth to thrive through nature + nurture.

A group of participants preparing to paddle out with grantee Brown Girl Surf.