Ag Tech

Representing farmer networks from around the world, participants of the first Grassroots Innovation for Agroecology Assembly convened in Galese, Italy to collaborate on strategies for advancing farmer-led innovation. The event was hosted by Farm Hack, Schola Campesina, OpenTEAM and la CAPE.

We work with farmers and food systems workers to develop technology that is responsive to the needs of small-holder producers.

For the last century agricultural innovation has been caught in a feedback loop – reinforcing large scale, industrial models that exacerbate social, economic, and environmental inequality. This process has led to a lack of affordable and appropriate technology for diversified, smallholder producers. We are now seeing similar trends in digital technologies for agriculture, with emerging innovations threatening to further consolidate industry at the expense of small holder farmers.

Our Ag Tech program builds on the deep relationships we have established with farmers, civil society, and movements working towards just transitions. Through supporting early stage and appropriate technologies, nurturing coopertive innovation ecosystems, and fostering generative dialogue across differences, our ag tech program is advancing a new vision for agricultural technology. By uplifting the innovation and perspectives of communities across the food web, we are cultivating farming futures rooted in justice, food sovereignty and agroecology.

Members of the Community Alliance for Family Farms participating in on on farm workshops in California.

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