Food & Agriculture

Sharing Our Roots' 100-acre farm in Dakota County, Minnesota offers immigrant and emerging farmers, who have been historically excluded from equitable land access, a safe place to grow food and build community.

We support efforts to build resilient agricultural systems that improve soil, air, water, and animal and human health.

The restoration of our landscapes is increasingly recognized as a critical pathway to address the climate crisis. By shifting our relationship to land and transitioning to regenerative farming systems, we create an immediate opportunity to address the climate crisis while building health and resilience in communities across the country.

We support organizations and movements in the United States working towards a regenerative and equitable transition of our food and farming system while building the resilience of regional farming communities and food systems. We also take a network-based approach to grantmaking. The program connects organizations working from a variety of perspectives and strategies in order to take action on a shared vision that builds healthy soil and thriving communities.

Ellee Igoe of Foodshed in San Diego aggregates & distributes produce from regenerative farms to communities impacted by food system inequities.

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