Indigenous Communities

Students from Yale School of the Environment visit Jason Baldes and the Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative. WRTBI is acquiring large land parcels and aims to retire cattle grazing leases so buffalo can roam as wildlife.

We support Indigenous-led work that advances Indigenous communities’ and peoples’ self-determination and re-Indigenization.

Indigenous communities and peoples are resilient. They are healing from colonization and its attendant traumas while restoring balance to our world. Communities revitalize language and cultural practices, rematriate and restore lands and waters, and insist on accurate representation and visibility in society.

We support land return and Indigenous stewardship efforts, particularly those that restore keystone species. We assist Indigenous knowledge holders and lifeways, and help to advance an accurate narrative of who Indigenous peoples have been and are. We aim to listen to communities and be willing to support key gaps and opportunities. We believe it is most effective and sustainable to support self-determined, holistic, and community-accountable efforts.

Imagining the Indian helps remove Native mascots from professional sports teams and schools across the country.

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