Through their Down by the River tours, grantee Louisiana Bucket Brigade transforms polluting sites like dumps, refineries and chemical plants into powerful beacons of resistance, a lens through which the past and present are applied to today’s environmental movement.

We support two linked goals: challenging the development of fossil fuels and accelerating transformation towards a clean and equitable energy system.

Climate studies over the past decade have resoundingly concluded that slowing climate change and avoiding its worst impacts requires leaving the majority of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. A rapid transition away from fossil fuels, led by frontline communities, offers not only our best shot at maintaining a stable climate, but also ensures immediate health and safety benefits to millions of Americans – especially low-income communities and communities of color – harmed by fossil fuel extraction, transportation and use.

We support organizations and movements in the United States focused on: resisting oil and gas development, designing rapid and just transition plans for existing fossil fuel infrastructure, and re-envisioning how energy is generated, distributed and owned. Our goal is to help communities build energy systems that are more resilient, safe, equitable and democratic.

Spark Northwest meets with Edwin Wanji, Founder and CEO of Sphere Solar Energy and Central Area Senior Center Executive Director, Dian Ferguson to discuss a solar PV installation

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