Aclima: Measuring Air Pollutants Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Aclima has pioneered an entirely new way to measure and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block. With its sensor network, Aclima can measure greenhouse gases and many other pollutants at the scale of entire cities, mapping hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions data at unprecedented block-by-block resolution and in a matter of weeks. It combines breakthrough mobile and stationary sensing technology, climate science and machine learning to do this. Traditional approaches to measurement are expensive, produce low spatial resolution data, and struggle to provide enough data across geographies.

Aclima is a compelling demonstration of how the private sector can add tremendous value in a climate-conscious, green economy. Aclima’s air quality mapping and analysis platform puts critically needed data at the fingertips of communities and key decision makers, translating billions of scientific measurements from its managed sensor network into environmental intelligence.

Clean air is essential – for life, for our economy, for our collective future. — Davida Herzl, Founder and CEO of Aclima