Food Chain Alliance: Voices of the Food Chain

Voices of the Food Chain is a project in partnership with Real Food Media to capture and share stories of the country’s 20 million food workers in their own words, including voices of farmworkers, warehouse workers, meatpackers, line cooks, restaurant servers and more. The project features conversations recorded with StoryCorps, black and white portraits, and a video on the current challenges and victories at the intersection of labor and food. Voices of the Food Chain is part of a growing national movement to bring justice to all workers along the food chain.

In 2021, the alliance released the report, “WE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE: Food Workers Organizing on the COVID Frontlines,” to document “the devastating and disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on food workers, especially for Black and Latinx workers, and exposes how the pandemic exacerbated long-standing problems for workers in the food sector.”