Kitchen Table Advisors

To commemorate ten years of co-evolution and connection, Kitchen Table Advisors (KTA) created a film, “A Decade of Growing Community” celebrating the beautiful stories of three farmer and rancher clients. The film visits Ge Moua of Moua Farm, Javier Cruz of Cruz Martinez Farm, and Dede Boies of Root Down Farm to showcase the ways KTA has grown alongside them.

Over the past ten years, Kitchen Table Advisors – their purpose, vision, and work – has been guided by the voices and visions of small sustainable farmers and ranchers. Their work focuses on both directly supporting farmers and ranchers through practical business advising and relationship building, as well as creating a friendlier marketplace that centers their agricultural practices and lived experiences.

According to the USDA, 50% of small farms don’t survive beyond their first five years and, out of the survivors, only 25% make it to 15 years. The industrialized food system depletes land without providing adequate nourishment, all while disempowering farmers and ranchers who seek to create environmental and social change. This leads to higher failure rates for the producers who nourish us — especially women, BIPOC and immigrants.

From 15 farmer and rancher clients in 2013 to 172 clients now served in 2023, Kitchen Table Advisors supports farmers and ranchers who use regenerative agricultural practices, and are leaders for social and environmental change within the food system. KTA’s work is driven by its vision of a vibrant food system based in community, justice, and ecological responsibility, where all farmers and ranchers can thrive.