Potlikker Capital

Potlikker Capital eradicates rural racism and supports climate justice by investing in regenerative BIPOC farming communities, providing financing and technical assistance to BIPOC-led farms across the country. Financing terms consist of flexible capital including loans, equity investments, and/or guarantees and other credit enhancements.

According to the Government Accountability Office, while socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers (SDFRs), which include both BIPOC and women farmers, represent 17% of all producers, they account for only 8% of outstanding total agricultural debt. They face many challenges in obtaining agricultural credit, including discrimination and unfair lending practices.

Potlikker Capital seeks to impact the BIPOC farming community through a systemic approach to restoring land ownership and creating generational wealth. By providing resources to growing communities of “BIPOC Farming Excellence,” Potlikker Capital supports regenerative farming practices, cooperative ownership, and access to new markets. They also act as the collective agency of small-scale BIPOC farmers, eliminating the barriers of discrimination that are present in the current agricultural system.