Fibershed: The Benefits of an Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Intensifying wildfires are putting communities and climate goals at risk, but there is hope on the horizon: what if California embraced enhanced agroecological practices to eliminate catastrophic fire, draw down atmospheric carbon and support livelihoods, all while producing the material goods we eat, wear, drink and enjoy?

“Resilience In Practice,” a new short film by Fibershed made in association with Soil Centric, shows that it’s already possible — and happening, thanks to those practicing the re-integration of animals into cropping systems, including Kaos Sheep Outfit, Tablas Creek Vineyard, Kirabo Pastures, the Grazing School of the West, True Grass Farms and the Gaudin Lab at University of California, Davis.

From young agrarians in coastal vineyards to ranchers who have been supporting agroforestry systems for decades, the short film, provides inspiring case studies for meeting our food, clothing and climate needs through integrated crop and livestock systems.